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Create the Future®, is for leaders who believe they create the future for their organization and for themselves by the choices they make – by the decisions they make.
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“An inspirational and practical ‘handbook’ for leaders, from startups to mature firms, who must choose the path forward for their company.” - Demos Parneros, Former President, Staples North America & CEO, Barnes & Noble

"Rick Williams has produced a valuable book that can help leaders make better decisions when thinking strategically about the future for their organizations. Create the Future is a book to be read and applied." - Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, former White House national security advisor and author of the New York Times bestseller Battlegrounds

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CEO & Board Advisory Services

We help leaders be more successful by bringing them and their leadership team through a goals driven process to define success and create realistic options for success.
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Advisory Services
Define the problem, develop the options, help make the decision.
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Board of Director Service
In some cases, a client will need the longer-term benefits of an experienced, outside independent director.

Rick Williams has deep experience as an independent board of directors member and board chair.
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Published Thought Leadership Articles

Rick Williams’ thought leadership with a CEO and board point of view is shared through national publications and speaking events.
A deep background as a successful company founder, national scope management consultant, and board of directors member informs Rick’s perspective across a broad range of challenging issues for company leaders
and boards.
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My Value Proposition


“As a VC investor, I work with many company leaders and boards. I strongly recommend Rick as a leader, advisor and board member where a fresh and thoughtful point of view is needed, and active involvement is sought.”

-­‐ Fred Morris, Brook Venture Partners

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