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Board & Advisory services for middle market, technology companies
Value to Clients 

When important decisions are on the table, Rick brings to the process – clarity of purpose, realistic options, meaningful context, risk assessment, a view from off the boat, access to a large network of resources and a constructive decision process. And valuable added bandwidth with a CEO and board perspective.

To each client, Rick brings his experience founding and operating a successful company and what he has seen and learned as an advisor and consultant. His work with large and small companies across a wide spectrum of business sectors prepares him to quickly understand the key issues facing company leaders. Rick will help clients clarify the issues they must address, the options available and the implications of their decision. If specialized expertise is needed, Rick will bring those resources to the client from his large national network or make recommendations for the client to consider.

Thought Leader

Rick is a thought leader resource for CEOs and boards of directors. His articles are published nationally in journals such as CEO World and Biz Journals. Rick’s writing develops specific steps senior leaders can take to improve their company’s chances for success. Rick’s shorter blog postings are read internationally.

Foundation of Experience

Rick Williams is the founder and Managing Director of Williams Advisory Partners based in Boston. Rick brings ten years as a management consultant with Arthur D. Little and three years as founding Partner of the Newport Board Group practice in New England to each client engagement.

Rick currently serves on two technology company boards. Rick has been board chair for a medical device company – Point Care Technology – with worldwide sales. He is on the board of an exciting med tech company – Amorphex Therapeutics – with a drug delivery technology that will replace eye drops for the long-term treatment of glaucoma and other eye diseases. He is also on the board of an early stage fin-tech company – FairWay Financial US – that promises to dramatically improve the market efficiency of the sale of first issue municipal bonds and other securities. Previously he was board chair of what is now named the Growth Capital Corporation – a Massachusetts-based quasi-public bank and VC firm.

Rick was a management consultant with the global consulting firm Arthur D. Little, Inc. based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At ADL, Rick lead client assignments on business strategy and acquisitions and directed large cases on the economic and strategic impact of government policy and regulations on process industries such as chemicals and oil and gas and on innovation broadly.

After ADL, Rick founded and was President of The Equity Company, an award-winning multifamily real estate development company. He was elected President of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston. During his tenure, programing, membership and the focus on new ventures was significantly strengthened. Rick started his career as a physicist with Itek Corp. developing space and defense related photo & electro/optical systems and published peer-reviewed research on optical system performance. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

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