A New Year – A New Opportunity

I am on the board of an organization going through a messy leadership change. The change needed to happen. The board and staff each made mistakes.

My counsel to the president has been: acknowledge, learn, move on.
I feel much the same about leaving 2020 behind and beginning 2021. I have been thinking about what we can learn about leadership from what happened in 2020 and what did not happen. Acknowledging what we have witnessed is important.

I expect to share my thoughts in the next few months about learning from the leadership failures and the clarity they bring to expectations for our role as a leader.

And we must move on.

I believe you have special skills, gifts, and position in life to make things better in this world and in your life. That is your opportunity for 2021. And that is your responsibility.

I looked back at what I shared with you in 2020. I hope you found value in the insights and guidance in my thought leadership articles and blogs. Here are several you may have missed or may find value in reviewing again.

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The Ice Cream Store
“I scream, You scream, We all scream for ice cream.”
I love ice cream. Walking after a snowstorm in Rockport, Massachusetts, I found The Ice Cream Store covered with a wonderful blanket of snow. A covering of hot fudge with a red cherry on top would have made the scene perfect.

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