Maximizing the Value of your Board of Directors

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Maximize Board of Directors Value
My earlier article, Your Board of Directors – A Pain in the Butt or Valuable Asset, made the case for having a High Value Board of Directors.

My most recent nationally published article, Maximizing the Value from Your Board of Directors, outlines the steps you can take to get the most value from your board.

A High Value Board of Directors will make your company more profitable and more valuable. Start by being clear about the financial motivation of your investors and what they expect from the board. Build a board with different perspectives and points of view. Only include members who will commit the time. Invest your time to educate the board about the business. Be open and candid - don’t keep secrets. Listen - invest your time to understand other points of view. Make the board part of your team - not a problem to be managed.

Full article is HERE. Add your comments below to the blog conversation about making your board more valuable.
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One comment on “Maximizing the Value From Your Board of Directors”

  1. No one wants low value, not even in the Board. I see the Board as an extension of my organisational structure. And since structure follows strategy, the Board would have to have the necessary strengths to accomplish this strategy successfully. It will supplement and complement the others in the organisation, and, if my ego can be checked at the door, I would want to be surrounded by Board people smarter than I also. It is tempting to have big names on the Board, and this comes at a high cost. The cost of having such a high profile Board would have to be really thought out.

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