Board of Directors – Podcast on Crisis Leadership
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If you serve on a board of directors or work with a board, you will find my recent discussion with Harvard Business School Professor Jay Lorsch and Ellen Richstone a useful review of actions boards must take at a time of crisis. Ellen and Jay are distinguished experts on board leadership and governance.

Listen to the 30 minute podcast HERE.

On Boards Podcast
hosted by Joe Ayoub and Raza Shaikh brought us together to examine the role of the board during a crisis like COVID-19. Business leaders and their boards are challenged in ways few have faced before.

My nationally published thought leadership article, Crisis Management – A Board of Director’s Role, is a helpful complement to the podcast. The role of the board in a crisis and leadership of the board are discussed in more detail. The Crisis Management article is HERE.

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Rebirth & Life Passage
May 2020. We are in a stay at home time. We are more aware of the small things around us.

Rebirth is expressed in the amazing colors of spring as I walk my neighborhood. Walking my block, I see signs on the lawns of two homes. “A 2020 senior lives here.” A family’s pride. A graduation ceremony and a senior prom that will not happen. We are finding new ways to mark a once in a lifetime passage.

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