Board of Directors – A Pain or An Asset

A shortened version of my nationally published article, Your Board of Directors – A Pain in the Butt or Valuable Asset, was reprinted by the Chicago-based Private Director’s Association (PDA) in their June member newsletter.

Most midsized and smaller companies do not have active boards of directors. My article makes the case that an active board with knowledgeable, independent directors makes the company more valuable and makes the company’s leadership more successful.

PDA was squeamish about the title of the article as originally published and toned the title down for their members. Download a copy of the complete article as originally published HERE.

PDA is a terrific community of independent directors of private companies. I will be moderating a program for them in the fall entitled “Maximizing the Value of Your Board of Directors.”

Post your comments on this blog below. Enrich our community’s discussion of these topics by sharing your experiences and your point of view.

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