It Is Not Just the Money

I am hearing the stories of many leaders and company owners while writing my book, Create the Future – for your company and yourself. They are sharing their experiences growing their companies, facing difficult challenges, and becoming better leaders.

I wrote an article retelling one of these stories entitled, It Is Not Just The Money. It is the story of founding an insurance agency from scratch, growing it through a Joint Venture, and selling the firm. The lessons learned at each stage - founding, growth, and sale - are valuable to all of us.

It Is Not Just The Money
was published as the lead article internationally in CEOWorld Magazine. A downloadable PDF copy of the article is HERE.
This is a success story. You may find my earlier article How Companies Succeed – Why Many Don’t helpful setting the larger context for what it takes to grow from a startup or smaller company to a larger, at scale company.

I moderated a program at the Boston Harvard Club with Doug Tatum, Marguerite Piret, and Kent Plunkett. Their insights on what it takes to grow a company are a must-read for leaders hoping to grow their company. A downloadable PDF copy of this article is HERE.

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The Rake

The tool we use to get the job done can be the symbol of the job itself. This rake hung on a shed wall on Martha’s Vineyard. I assumed it was a clam rake and my thoughts went to clammers in hip boots raking the sandy bottom at low tide. But this tool may have another job not yet revealed.

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