Leadership Lessons from my Sailboat Racing

I am a sailboat racer. I have thought about writing a book entitled, Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned on my Sailboat.

No book yet, but Gregg Stein interviewed me for his podcast, Triple G Ventures Sizzle Reel. Triple G is a venture funding platform, and Gregg uses his musical gifts to create exciting podcast conversations about how to make your venture successful.

You will enjoy our conversation.
Take a few minutes to hear my story and what I have learned about leadership from my sailboat racing. Gregg talks about his music. And we share our experiences mastering a difficult skill and how that enhances other parts of our lives. Listen here.
Purpose, Community, and Values Drive Success is the title of my earlier blog on lessons from my sailing for motivating your team for success.

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Memories of Summer

My summers growing up were spent on the beach at Ocean City, Maryland. I was a beach kid whose dad took him on the water to go fishing. My sailing from Marblehead, MA, came later. Water and sand are beach time’s essential ingredients.

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