Maximizing the Value
of your Company 

Value is Set Long Before the Company is 
Offered for Sale
Maximize the Value of your Company
Selling the company you, your team, and your investors have built is an important life event for everyone involved including your employees. The value of the company to a potential buyer is established long before the company is offered for sale. Too often, owners do not prepare their company to capture the potential value in what they have created. My article entitled " Maximizing the Value of Your Company for Sale " outlines the steps you can take to maximize the selling price of your company.

Selling a company - large or small - is usually a long, complex and difficult process. In order to realize a high price for the company, you will need to understand your firm's value proposition for potential buyers and prepare the company to be attractive to the target buyers. This article outlines the sale preparation process and how to achieve a High Value Profile for your most likely buyers.

A shorter version of this piece was first published in the 43 Biz Journal city publications across the US.

Full article is HERE. 

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Exploring the Lewis and Clark Trail
I recently returned from retracing part of the Lewis and Clark trail of exploration across North Dakota, Montana, Utah and down the Columbia River to the Pacific in Oregon.

I saw buffalo on the grasslands of the northern Great Plains, learned about the Plains Indians, drove along Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, crossed the Continental Divide and went down the Columbia River Gorge. Getting away from our East and West Coast perspective and connecting with the wonder of discovery was a welcome and healthy break. My photo is from the western side of the Rockies.

I find that completely separating from my day to day demands and routines, gives me a healthier perspective on all aspects of my life including my business and professional role.

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