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Before getting to the good stuff, allow me to answer a question many of you have asked - the question my mother would ask.

How are you actually helping your clients?

"I help leaders make important decisions." I can be helpful when leaders and their teams must make key decisions. They may be creating a viable business model, preparing to raise capital, working to overcome barriers to growth, preparing to sell the company, or strengthening team function and leadership.

OK - What is my contribution? Clarity of purpose, proprietary analysis framework, goal driven process, realistic options, creative questions, risk assessment, and a large network of resources. And valuable added bandwidth with a CEO and board perspective. These are my Value Adds. At moments of real importance, I will contribute to you making better decisions for your company and for yourself.

How do I work with clients?

Advisory Assignments: Engagements are generally on a retained advisory basis - over a period of months - acting as a counselor to the CEO and leadership team. We take on special projects when a specific issue or decision must be addressed. Or serve as an advisor to the CEO and leadership team as they go through an important transition or transaction.

Board of Directors: I serve on the board of directors when a longer term commitment is needed.
Raising Equity Capital
Raising Equity Capital
Unless you are a successful serial entrepreneur, raising equity capital is difficult. The process is complex and foreign to many business leaders. My article entitled " Raising Equity Capital - Getting Started " outlines how to match the financial requirements of your business to investor requirements.

Raising equity capital is not just about the money. Success requires finding the right investors - investors who want to be in a relationship with you - and building a relationship that will last for years.

A shorter version of this piece was first published in the 43 Biz Journal city publications across the US.

Full article is HERE. Add your comments below to the blog conversation about making your board more valuable.

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