My Speaking Engagements - New Podcast on Boards of Directors

With COVID limitations abating, I am receiving invitations to do in-person speaking. Coming together in person is the only way we build more connected relationships. Let me know if you need an in-person or virtual speaker.

I expect virtual and hybrid professional programming to continue. For getting new insights to a large audience, we have learned to make virtual programs and podcasts work.

I moderated a program for the Venture Summit with investors and early-stage companies from across the globe. A VIDEO of the program with two company founders and an institutional investor is on my website. Take a few minutes and hear why an engaged board of directors can be a valuable asset even for an early-stage company. And, you will see my contribution as an expert on the topic and a facilitator of the conversation.
“Thanks for leading this engaging discussion of CEOs and a venture investor on the value of a quality board of directors to early-stage companies.”
Andy Clapp, Managing Partner
Brightside Venture Partners, LLC
I am open to speaking engagements both virtual and in person. If your organization or one you support is looking for a speaker to engage your team or membership on how to be more successful, let’s talk. Go to Speaking Engagements on my website for an overview of my speaking and possible topics. I can also help you develop an engaging topic, organize impactful speakers, and moderate the event.

Post your comments on this blog below. Enrich our community’s discussion of these topics by sharing your experiences and your point of view.

Spring Means Sailing

For me, spring in New England is the beginning of sailing season. April and May are when we go to the boatyard to prep the boat for launch.

This spring, I have a “new boat” – a J 130. The boatyard is fixing things and prepping it for launch. No Saturdays at the boatyard with friends cleaning, greasing, rigging, painting, and teaking. I ride my bike along the Charles River watching the spring sailing. These boats are on the MIT Sailing dock ready to splash in the water.

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