Raising Equity Capital

Unless you are a successful serial entrepreneur, raising equity capital is difficult. The process is complex and foreign to most entrepreneurs and company founders. My article entitled Raising Equity Capital - Getting Started outlines how to match the financial requirements of your business with investor requirements.

A PDF version of the complete article is HERE.

Raising equity capital is not just about the money.
Success requires finding the right investors - investors who want to be in a relationship with you - and building a relationship that will last for years.

A shorter version of this article was first published in the 43 Biz Journal city publications across the US.

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Almost Perfect

I get to my sailboat on its mooring in Marblehead Harbor on a launch. Most trips take me past a small sailboat on its mooring. That small sailboat, to me, is an almost perfect composition of red and green and reflections on the water. On a recent ride on the launch, I asked the driver to pause so I could capture the scene.

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