Stock Market Outlook:
Election & Economic Uncertainty

The program I hosted last week with Wharton’s Prof. Jeremy Siegel on the Stock Market Outlook – Election and Economic Uncertainty was highly valuable to everyone in attendance.

I want you to benefit from the insights Prof. Siegel shared based on his long history of analyzing the stock and bond markets and their relationship with the economy, interest rates, and political trends.

For a short video clip on the historic moment we are in now, click HERE.

Almost 700 business leaders from across the US were on the Zoom conference. Raj Sharma, the leading wealth manager from Merrill Lynch guided the conversation on wealth management issues. And I sorted through 100 questions and got the best on the table for Jeremy and Raj to address.

The full video of the program is HERE.

Prof. Siegel's slide deck is HERE.

Actionable take aways. Wisdom of a long-term view. An entertaining and engaged approach. I guarantee you will gain valuable insights and walk away understanding steps you can take to improve your market position.

Share this note with your contacts who are looking for guidance on where the market is going over the next year or two.
The Spectacle of Fall Colors in New England
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This is a view of the lawn at Mt. Auburn Cemetery covered with beautifully colored fallen leaves.

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