Trust - Your Company's
 Most Valuable Asset

Board of Director’s Podcast
Trusta valuable asset - was the theme of my comments on how boards of directors actually work.

On Boards is a nationally syndicated podcast hosted by Joe Ayoub and Raza Shaikh on issues facing boards of directors. My interview for the On Boards podcast is now available.

When you have 25 minutes in the car, at the gym, or while trying to go to sleep, click HERE to listen to the interview. 
You were a great guest for our board of director podcast. Our listeners were impressed and found your comments interesting and informative. Thanks for making us look good!

Joe Ayoub
Co-host, On Boards Podcast
President, Varuna Strategies
Here are links to my nationally published articles on boards of directors:
Your Board of Directors – Pain in the Butt or Valuable Asset

Maximizing the Value From Your Board of Directors

The interview topic was boards of directors, but best practices for boards are also best practices for any collaborative team activity. I know you will find the material helpful.

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Harbor in Winter
The days are noticeably getting longer, but we still have winter in New England.

You have seen my summer images of boats in the harbor. Here is Marblehead Harbor, north of Boston, in the winter.

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