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Board & Advisory services for middle market, technology companies
Board of Director Service

In some cases, a client will need the longer-term benefits of an experienced, outside independent director. Rick’s participation as a board member can make the board into a more valuable asset for the company and its leadership. He has been an effective coach and councilor to the CEO and leadership team.  In addition to his business expertise, Rick is an advocate for the overall interests of the organization and its shareholders.

Rick serves or has served on two med tech company boards and a software platform company in the financial services industry. He has been board chair of a quasi-public bank/VC firm and a medical device company.
Two of Rick’s thought leadership articles deal with making boards of directors more valuable to the company, the owners, and the CEO.
Your Board of Directors – A Pain in the Butt or Valuable AssetMaximizing the Value from Your Board of Directors
"I have been a serial entrepreneur for 30 years. Rick Williams joined the board of one of my previous companies as the first independent (non-investor associated) board member and eventually became chairman of the board at a most critical time. Investor and employee shareholders experienced his careful and balanced approach to strategic questions. His excellent and patient communication skills made it easy for board members and employees of very different backgrounds to participate in complex decision making processes."

Petra B Krauledat, 
PhD PNPResearch Corporation, LLC

“Rick Williams served with me for four years on the Board of FairWay Financial - US, a leading-edge capital markets software company when I was Board Chair and acting CEO. Rick is an intelligent and high energy colleague who takes initiatives to advance the objectives of an organization at the Board level. Rick was an active and creative Board member, and I would welcome serving with him again on the Board of another high potential company.  I strongly recommend Rick for other Board positions.”
Jack McMullen, 
Managing Principal at Cambridge Meridian Group, Inc.

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