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So Connected – So Alone

Smartphones, email, texting, Instagram, Twitter and ubiquitous digital entertainment make us feel connected to the world. In fact, this constant stimulation isolates us.  While we have instant access to virtually every piece of data, literature, research, personality, news, etc., we are increasingly separated from what is most important in our lives – our families, our […]

What Are We Selling? Chicken McNuggets or Sci Fi Fantasy?

We often do not know what our customers are buying from us. What are they hiring our product or serves to do for them? McDonald’s recently had near riots at their outlets after a one-day promotion of Szechuan sauce for their chicken McNuggets linked to a sci-fi cartoon character. We may believe we are selling […]

GE Leadership Changes – Message from the Top Matters

The leadership change at GE is front page news because new leadership means dramatically different strategic priorities. My earlier note described Jeff Immelt as the savior of GE. He drove a fundamental transformation of the company towards the innovation economy of the future. I contrasted GE with General Motors, Kodak and US Steel who did […]

Teamwork at the Core of Success

Leaders are only effective when their team is effective and successful. The team, working together and with the leader, creates a successful organization. My Farr 37 sailboat – CHARIAD – won the Storm Trysail sponsored Ted Hood Regatta in Marblehead Massachusetts this summer. Ted Hood won multiple America’s Cups while based in Marblehead. Ted Hood’s […]