CEO & Board Advisory Services

Board & Advisory services for middle market, technology companies
The CEO of a $5 – $300 million company is a lonely job. She or he is severely challenged every day and generally does not have access to deeply experienced independent advisors.

The challenges are many:

How do I choose the best path forward?
What are realistic options?
What are the barriers to getting there?
What are the implications of my assumptions?
How should I make this decision?
Who should I involve when making these decisions?

Rick Williams and Williams Advisory Partners help leaders make important decisions.

We offer options, share experience, make recommendations, and present an independent viewpoint when leaders and their teams must make key decisions. They may be searching for a viable business model, preparing to raise capital, working to overcome barriers to growth, preparing to sell the company, or strengthening the board of directors.

Our contribution. Clarity of purpose, proprietary analysis framework, goal driven process, realistic options, creative questions, risk assessment, and a large network of resources. And valuable added bandwidth with a CEO and board perspective. These are our Value Adds. At moments of real importance, we will contribute to your making better decisions for your company and for yourself.
Working with Clients 

Board of Directors:
Rick serves on the board of directors when a longer-term commitment is needed. Much of his recent work has been as a member of the board of directors of technology companies in the business to business space. He has been chairman of the board of a medical device company and chairman of a quasi-public bank. He served on the board of a fin tech platform company and on the board of two young companies in the drug delivery and gene therapy spaces.

Advisory Assignments:
When leaders are facing challenging decisions about where to take their company, we can work with the leadership team on an advisory basis. The techniques profiled in Create the Future™ for thinking creatively about opportunities and bringing reality to choosing the future path for the company can be employed if appropriate.

Williams Advisory Partners brings broad experience and a mature perspective to the process of defining the problem, developing and evaluating the options, and finally making the right decisions.

If you are facing important decisions for your organization, let’s talk. We can clarify the issues you must address. No obligation.

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