Rick Williams introduces his
new book Create the Future and outlines 
      how it will benefit you as a leader.
Create the Future is the leadership guidebook for high-performance companies that The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is for a high-performance life.
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Create the Future® Leadership Training

Create the Future is a step-by-step process with team exercises
for seizing the opportunity before you or addressing the threat
confronting you. Create the Future is for leaders who believe they
create the future by the choices they make and want a step-by step
process for defining the best possible future for their
organization and developing a realistic path to success.

CTF™ is the guidebook you and your leadership team can use to
take your company to the next level using top-line tools without a
big consulting firm price tag. The companion book, Create the
Future – the Workbook
, elaborates the team exercises. The hands on,
structured methodology works for organizations large and
small - from established businesses and agencies to start-ups and
local non-profits.

Create the Future provides a unique, disciplined approach
with actionable steps that enable a CEO and their team to
create their own success.

Lawrence Siff, Founder and CEO, Neptune Advisors and C Level Community                                
Join a seminar, leadership training program, or workshop bringing the CTF process and tools to leaders of organizations large and small and their coaches and consultants.

* Leadership development using CTF tools
* Strategic planning using CTF
* Imagining success
* Finding your Zone of Leadership
* Choosing your organization’s path forward
* How to use CTF exercises with your leadership team

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Internationally recognized author, strategic consultant, and company founder Rick Williams has worked with successful private and public leaders for decades. Now, with Create the Future, he distills his experience into a practical handbook for leaders facing an important opportunity or difficult challenge.
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