Preparing Your Company for Sale

Board & Advisory services for middle market, technology companies
Selling your company is an important life event for every business owner and company founder. None of us wants to deal with important moments like this until we must. The reality is that the value of your company is set years before it is offered for sale. The financial rewards you will receive from the sale will be significantly lower if you do not prepare your company one, two, even three years before you engage a banker to take you through the sale process.

Williams Advisors will help you identify the most likely type of buyer for your company. We will develop a profile of your company that will be most valuable and the lowest risk for that buyer. And we will work with you to develop a plan for making the adjustments from where your company is today to the High Value Profile you want when the company is offered for sale. Williams Advisors is not an investment banker. But we can be a valuable advisor and counselor to you and your team as you go through the sale process.
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